Production Team

Gary Strieker,
Executive Producer

After a first career as an international lawyer, Gary turned to television journalism and worked for nearly 20 years as CNN’s Nairobi bureau chief and the network’s global environment correspondent. In his “Our Planet” series, he covered stories ranging from the bushmeat crisis in central Africa to the destruction of tropical forests in Indonesia, Peru and Papua New Guinea. His work was awarded the National Press Club’s top prize for environmental reporting.

Marsha Walton,
Series Producer

Marsha is a science, technology and environment writer and producer. She worked at CNN and for 16 years, covering the Mars rover landings and numerous space shuttle missions, hurricanes, tornadoes, and climate change, and wrote and produced hundreds of stories for Working with correspondent Miles O’Brien, their 2008 documentary “Broken Government: Scorched Earth” won a 2008 National Headliner Award for environmental reporting. She currently produces segments for the National Science Foundation.

Roger Herr,

Roger has worked in broadcast television since 1982, starting as a videotape editor and news cameraman for local stations in North Carolina and Georgia. He later became a director of photography for CNN's long form unit (Special Reports and CNN Presents) before he went freelance in 2001. He specializes as a DP for independent productions and network news magazine programs. His numerous awards include a Peabody and a National Emmy for cinematography.

Dave Timko,
Producer, Cinematographer and Editor

Dave Timko is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with nearly three decades of journalism experience. In his combined roles of producer, shooter and editor, Timko co-produced over 40 documentaries for CNN, specializing in first-person narratives of the most relevant stories of our time. He has been recognized for his work with 5 National Emmy Awards, and has been a regular contributor to This American Land since 2012.

Soren Christiansen,
Producer and Editor

With almost 2 decades of experience in video production, Soren is a producer, editor and videographer based in Atlanta. After a few years in advertising and 14 years of award-winning work at CNN, Soren has been a regular contributor to This American Land since 2012.

Bruce Burkhardt

Bruce is an Atlanta-based reporter and documentary producer who spent 14 years at CNN. A natural storyteller with a distinct “everyman” presence, Bruce has been honored with numerous awards including a National Emmy. He covered the environment for the CNN program Earth Matters, an assignment which took him all over the world.

Caroline Raville

A new and fresh talent, Caroline was raised on the beaches of south Florida and educated at Auburn University. Her passion for education and science took her to Swaziland in southern Africa where she worked in a youth health education program. Now, as a middle school teacher with a passion for the outdoors, she seeks ways to educate young and old about the future of the planet and what can be done to preserve it for generations to come. Hosting for This American Land, Caroline has a powerful voice for her mission.

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